Shimooka Tea Farm

Mr. Shimooka's tea farm is located in Ujitawara, a top region in southern Kyoto. This is where tea-rolling was invented.
Mr. Shimooka has been growing tea for over 55 years and has already won everything there is to win,
Sencha -, Kabusecha - and Gyokuro (a total of more than 20 awards), the Tennou-Hai ( Emperor's trophy) and is a living legend in Uji.
His teas are characterized by a perfect balance and its mild but intense taste.
Mr Shimooka was delighted when we suggested to him that he wanted to sell his tea in Europe. We appreciate any feedback, which we forward directly to Mr. Shimooka.

Here is a short video of Yantan, the region in Uji-Tawara, where Mr. Shimooka grows his tea. Unfortunately, this video is only available in Japanese, but it gives an impression of the beautiful landscape.