Our Philosophy

         With Mr. Fukui infront of his tea fields
My name is Christian Luther. I lived in Japan (Kyoto) for almost four years and fell in love with Japanese tea during my time there.
Every week I went to different tea farms, talked to the tea farmers, drank a lot of different teas of course and thereby developed a close connection to Japanese tea. Through direct contact with the most famous tea masters in Kyoto, I was able to gather a lot of background knowledge.

I am organizing tea tastings in Germany as well as in Japan: I explain important aspects of cultivation and production processes as well as blending, and also holding workshops on optimal infusion methods. Those are crucial in order to be able to tap the full potential of Japanese tea.
At the beginning of 2017 I started my own online shop for Japanese tea. Here I offer a special selection of teas from the most famous tea masters of Uji (Kyoto) and other regions. Most of those teas are not even available on the Japanese market.

Why buy tea at Yutaka Tee?
  • We buy our tea directly from our tea farmers without intermediaries. That means: The farmers get fair prices and we can offer those teas cheaper than our competitors, to a large extent even cheaper than in Japan itself
  • Fair margin. Of course we also have to make our profit with the teas, but we try to keep it as low as possible in order to offer you a fair price
  • The best quality. We offer top quality teas that are not even available on the Japanese market. Through our close friendship with the most famous tea masters in Japan, we can make this possible
  • Teas exclusively from controlled integrated cultivation
  • We are on site at least twice a year for quality control and in order to find new, unique teas
  • By express from Japan to Germany. Unlike many other dealers, we rely exclusively on express shipping. Why? Green tea is very sensitive to high temperatures, humidity and extraneous odours. Therefore we reduce the duration of the transport to a minimum
  • The proper storage. Until it has reached the perfect maturation, the tea is stored at our premises at just over 0°C in the first step. In the second step at -25°C to maintain this condition as long as possible.