Kobayashi Tea Farm

Mr. Kobayashi's tea fields are located in Kyotanabe, in the south of Kyoto, the most famous area in ​​Japan for Gyokuro. Mr. Kobayashi has already won the national competition with his Gyokuro three years ago, as well as other important prizes. His matchas are also among the top five every year. His family has been making tea in Kyotanabe for over 180 years. In the high art of tea tasting (Jap. 茶 審査 技術), the tenth is the highest rank (Dan) and Mr. Kobayashi is one of the current eleven people who have reached the tenth Dan. He is currently probably the most sought Blender of Japan. His tea was also chosen for the 2016 G7 summit in Ise, where it was served to the heads of state. In addition of being a tea farmer, Mr. Kobayashi runs a shop selling his unique blends. The teas we sell are all specially blended for our shop by Master Kobayashi and are only available at our shop. We are the exclusive seller of Mr. Kobayashi's teas outside of Japan.

Here is a video in English about the tea region Kyoto, where our tea master Mr. Kobayashi can be seen from 10:30: